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Sports Drinks: How to Use Them Correctly

Sports Drinks: How to Use Them Correctly

Sports Drinks are a booming business! Such popularity with the buying public, it is no wonder that these sports supplements continue to be touted as fantastic enhancements to a person’s exercise efforts. Yet the darker side to this industry is that the true efficacy of sports drinks

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Sorting Through the Hype: Choosing the Right Sports Drink

Why use sports drinks? These nifty inventions, besides making their inventors and distributors a handsome profit, do actually help athletes of all levels perform well in their chosen event. So how do they work? Sports drinks, as their marketers trumpet in their advertising, provide replacement fluids and

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Creative Workouts: Cross-Training in Your Own Yard

Life is busy. Since we haven’t found the way to make more time, we make the things we do count for more. When it comes to our workouts, we create ways to train smarter. Part of everyone’s exercise strategy these days likely includes some form of cross

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Dehydration This Summer

Body hydration, the amount of water we have in storage in our tissues, is a condition that can make or break your workouts. Especially during the summer months, a moderate level of dehydration can turn a typical workout routine into a true struggle for survival. Going back

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